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The hen house!!!

 This  website has been made to give YOU a crash course in the art of chicken keeping

Where to keep chickens?

You can keep chickens on a 100-acre farm- or an inner city backgarden! It's just a question of scale! Obviously, the city dweller won't be able to go for a full flock, but two or three birds can be kept quite happily. A small hen house housing 6 - 12 chickens is ideal. Such a henhouse usually costs betweem £100-£150 - or £ 25 if you feel up to making it yourself! Who knows what your 'Hen Hilton' could look like?

A rather raucous cockrell!

A little TLC is all it takes - look at this!

How to make money (well, just a little bit!)

If you want to make money from hens you could go down the route of showing your chickens, or sell the eggs that they lay to friends. Believe us, there are plenty of takers for 'Organic free range' eggs! We have a flock of 23 birds, and during the summer months nine eggs a day is the norm. We practically give them away!  Remember that showing chickens takes up a lot of your time -  but is worth the effort as the prize money can exceed £100!!!

food and water

All animals need food and water to live and lead a happy life. If you ever get a chance to rescue any batery hens do so - it is well worth it. We got hold of a fair size flock for 50p a bird once! They may look bedraggled to begin with, but a month later and they'll be completly different animals! All chickens like corn and layers pellets, and if you really want to pamper them a little cider(Zidur down here in the westcountry!) vinegar in their water really helps their coat to keep its condition.